Just wondering

how many accounts people have set with ING/capital one? Does anyone have account(s) set with perk street? I have been checking into them. I have been thinking about putting my spending/grocery at perk street(since they pay you….it adds up). Keeping the one at my local institution since my bills automatically come out there and possibly making the ING the ER fund. Then I will go from there.

We have 12 plus checking

We are also signing up for Perk Street right now (I’m writing this while my hubs is entering his info). I have all our regular bills set up to auto-pay in ING and it is so great. I get paid weekly and he gets a pay check every other week, so I have a 1/4 of each bill transferred into a sub-account and once a month, the entire amount transferred BACK to checking so they can pay payday loans without credit check. It’s all automated at gshloans.com and it’s a beautiful thing!! I am hoping to get groceries and gas money transferred to Perk Street so we can use it just for the daily stuff.