I switched to it from Virgin Mobile a couple months back

I love the service. The phones either go through Verizon or ATT depending on the phone. I have only had one blip on the radar. Last month all of a sudden I had NO service at all. No texts, calling, anything. I went on their FB page where they have some reps that are good from what I’ve heard and they had a problem and reset some phones. Not only did they reset, when they fixed it they reset my phone # and everything. I did get it fixed but that’s not an inconvenience I want to chance too much. I’ll give it a few months and see where it leads. I do hear their customer service is TERRIBLE and their reps don’t speak good english at all. The jury is still out on this for me.

Oh and even though it’s sold as totally unlimited on the plan I’m on there’s NO streaming unless you’re on wifi. It’s in the fine print and they will shut your service down from what I hear.

Have you checked out Jitterbug? I don’t know what towers they run off but they’re a service specifically for seniors.