I would say that you need to make an appointment with a marriage counselor

If he’s broke, even though he should have plenty of money for ‘his bills’, where is his money going? He can’t be spending THAT much on Powerball tickets. If he is, he needs to seek help for a gambling addiction. Regardless, you guys DESPERATELY need counseling to understand where his head’s at. If you can get the underlying disconnect solved, maybe you can get your finances solved as well.

My husband and I have been married for almost 6 years

We have separate accounts for our checking (I know we should be in this together). I’m a saver and I’m cautious about what I spend money on. My husband on the other hand is wild with money and blows through it like crazy. We have the bills separated, he pays certain ones and I pay certain ones. He’s an auto damage appraiser and I deliver newspapers in the early morning so I can be there for my kids to get off to school and help out in the schools they are in. Lately my husband has been asking me for money to cover the bills he should be covering. We both get paid every 2 weeks. I get paid half of what he does. So now he wants help with the food, the insurance, etc. He recently asked me to help him with his Paypal account because he had a negative balance in that and his 2 checking accounts. All three had negative balances he needed to bring current. One account took so long for him to bring up the bank closed it out on him.

He’s constantly waiting on a windfall. He plays the powerball every single week thinking he’s going to win. I have no idea why he’s so careless with money lately. Its very scary when you have 4 kids at home that expect a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs.
He just wants to walk away from everything and get an apartment so he’s not house poor… (his words). This is putting a whole lot of stress on me!!!!