Something’s going on

will he co-operate with laying everything on the table so you both can see the debt? Sounds like he is in trouble somewhere.
Will be thinking of you, we have our money separate too and it does make it difficult. Neither of us big spenders but harder to feel like a team not knowing what is going on.

Marriage counseling seems vital

No money to pay? Sure there are some counselors or clergy who do a certain amount pro bono or on a sliding scale.
I suspect he has some sort of gambling issue besides the lottery. Especially since he is supposed to have enough to pay his bills … and especially if he is not bringing home any new man size toys, vehicles, clothes, etc. to account for all the spending. Maybe he is paying off gambling debts instead of paying his bills?
Oh … just thought of something … are you sure he is still working? Or is he possibly faking going to a job? That has happened before. One or the other spouse has a job, gets fired or quits, then pretends to still be working because he or she gets up and leaves the house every day. Have you verified with his employer and through direct deposit that he is, in fact, still working?