No worries, Janice, it happens sometimes

I’ve posted stuff that got way more attention than I ever dreamed, then I’ll post something that gets no response at all. I recently posted about an insurance issue we’re having here; I thought it was close enough to financial topics since it impacts not only our monthly budget but also our liability. That post didn’t get any replies either. I expect either a) folks are busy and not reading emails very closely, or b) folks don’t have personal experience and wait for someone else with experience to reply, or c) some other topic has more attention and a lesser topic falls through the cracks. It’s nothing personal. Unless you and I have both ticked someone off simultaneously. Which I doubt. Neither of our topics were rabble-rousing enough to make anyone mad. If anything, maybe they were just not quite exciting or on-topic enough. If anything, I think yours was more on-topic than mine but maybe no one has much experience with it.