Sitting here feeling blessed

Just finished paying some bills and tweeking the mid-month budget. We are doing well, should have CC paid off by June, then only one student loan (DD) to go. It will be done by next June.

My church offered FPU for the first time starting Feb 2011. I wasn’t sure about taking it, and DH had no interest in the class. A friend and I decided to go for it, and joined in at the second class. Best choice I ever made!

I had NEVER done a real budget. We lived paycheck-to-creditors every month. We were those people with an excellent credit rating, but going down the shoot because we paid at least the minimum on ever-growing balances each month, then used cards to live. Re-fi, then charge up again. You know the story.

Fast forward- we are tithing for church, debt is decreasing steadily, bills are paid, “emergencies” haven’t stressed us out too much. Thankfully my DH always had conservative views about saving, so retirement is pretty well on track.

DH still has not taken the class, but he sure knows the program! He is happy to cooperate, as long as he doesn’t have to do anything other than behave. Our biggest lesson has been about our frivolous spending. That has almost gone away or at least fit into our fun budget!

Now, as long as the cars keep working….